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  • we replace mundane manual work with complete and total automation – which is a great way to save time & elevate the effectiveness of any business
  • you will gain time and tool which will enable to focus on the stream of your business because we will integrate applications for you
  • you will improve your work organizational skills and reach more of your goals


FLOW 1: All the newly created Companies in your ERP system will be added to Zendesk Organizations. Appriopriate Groups will be also assigned to Organizations.
FLOW 2: All the newly created Contacts in your ERP system will be added to Zendesk End-Users and assigned to proper Organization.
FLOW 3: ERP Employees will be added to Zendesk as Administrators or Agents depending on assigned permissions.
FLOW 4: New Groups will be created in Zendesk according to data loaded from ERP. E.g. user permissions, client localizations, client kinds etc. Groups are correlated with Organizations, Agents and Tickets.
FLOW 5: Agents will be assigned to appriopriate Groups on the grounds of user permissions, client localizations, client kinds etc..
FLOW 6,7: All the newly created ERP Requests will be saved as Zendesk Tickets and vice versa.
FLOW 8,9: Changes to Requests and Tickets will be synchronized 2-way between ERP and Zendesk (processing status, comments, finish time, etc.)
FLOW 10: Zendesk Organizations will be updated according to Company changes in the ERP system.
FLOW 11,12: Zendesk Contacts and End-Users will be synchronized 2-way with ERP system.

Pros of using our experience

By applying our platform & trusting our integrating skills, you earn assurance of getting the best, tailor made solution. We can help you appreciate a full value of the technology by:

  • reducing waste in all sorts of value streams in your company by using the automation of integration
  • improving flexibility & agility of your business by using c-534.io platform with high availability & scalability provided by Google Cloud Platform
  • increasing productivity of your business by focusing on your goals
  • making sure that we will be the ones to make all the hard work for you

Support & Our Values

As a solid team of programmers, we are passionate about building useful and valuable technologies for our partners.

  • our highest priority is providing valuable service to our partners
  • we honor our clients’ trust the most therefore, we never let them down
  • we believe that great communication with our partners is the foundation of a successful relationship
  • a wide range of our competencies provides flexibility towards innovative approaches and ideas

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