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API Integration Overview

Get your API integration between ServiceNow – your IT enterprise service management solution together with your workflow visualization tool like LeanKit. With a two-way synchronization of flows, you can replace your mundane work and make your business more efficient. Why waste your precious time, when the integration can update the accounts for you.

API integration between ServiceNow & LeanKit is sleek and marvelously done thanks to the data processing Microservices, which can quickly and automatically receive input data, process them from input to output format and send the output data. This will maximize the effectiveness of you ServiceNow and LeanKit accounts, giving you a chance to take a full advantage of your favourite systems.

API Integration Details

Thanks to developers can easily set API integration between ServiceNow & LeanKit.

Create a new item or ticket in your target system like ServiceNow & have a new card appeared on a chosen lane of your kanban board like LeanKit. The same way, when you create a new card in LeanKit it can turn into a new item in your target system.

What fields you can map between ServiceNow and LeanKit?

Synchronize fields like title, description, priority, tags, due dates or assigned users etc.

Can I map my card details two-way & synchronize multiple target systems?
All the details can be mapped two-way or any way you want them to be – as long as your system can support it.
Yes, you can synchronize multiple target systems/accounts with several LeanKit boards per your account.
How much does the API integration between ServiceNow & LeanKit cost?
If you are a developer preparing integration by yourself – see the Pricing Model here.
If you don’t have developers by your hand to help you with API integration we can do it for you.
All you have to do is choose a fitting monthly fee & than determine additional service of our deployment – see the pricing below.
How much, per month, would it cost to maintain the attached integration?

The pricing model of platform for developers is available here.

What if I don't use ServiceNow or Leankit, but a similar system - can I get an integration then?
Who said do you need to be limited to ServiceNow or LeanKit systems?
Let us know what other target systems you need API integration for!

For Developers Teams

See for yourself how to create an example integration using

This is how straightforward the code of data transformation and mapping looks like in
Servicenow Leankit transformation in

How to create an integration between ServiceNow and LeanKit using
In short:
1. Sign up at for a free trial.
2. Create one Microservice in
3. Setup ServiceNow.
4. And that’s it!

For detailed instructions see our GitHub wiki!

For Solution Seeking Business

You wonder what happens when you don’t have a team of developers by your side?
No one by your side, ready to prepare integration for you?
Do You need your ServiceNow smoothly connected to your LeanKit board and don’t know what to do next?

No worries, just let us know that your business is in need of an integration,
and we will provide you with our integration services.
We welcome new integration ideas or special inquiries!
By trusting our integrating skills, you will earn assurance of getting the best solution available.
With we will help you appreciate a full value of technology & systems you use. Platform Pricing pricing is fair & affordable. An initial fee for trial and developers’ experimentation starts $0!
Our prices are suitable for any developer.

No developers by your hand to help you with API integration? We are happy to prepare it for you.

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