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$15.00per month


$30.00per month

Smooth scalability.

With the advanced scaling, you can smoothly
choose & adjust performance as you please.
Mix and match to create a unique model
to answer your demands.


$0.00per month
  • 0 Microservices runs per month ($15 per additional 20k runs)
  • 0 defined Microservices ($5 per additional 25)
  • 0 Microservices running at the same time ($5 per additional 1)
  • 0 GB bandwidth / month ($1 per additional 5 GB)

Need More?

Need more load, microservices, specified customization?

Common Questions

What does max microservices runs mean?
The maximum number of microservices executions in 1 month.
What does max load per account mean?
It’s maximum number of microservices executions in 1 second.
What does max defined microservices mean?
A microservice allows to transform data, connect through an input and output connectors to external systems. Max. defined microservices means how many microservices you can create in
What does bandwidth means?
It stands for the maximum amount of data entering platform in GB/month.
What should I do if I don’t know any developer who can help me with API integration project?
In this case - depend on our experience and expertise and choose from already prepared application integration microservices. If you can’t find app that you use - contact us - we’ll make it work.
What should I do when I can’t find prepared integration between applications that I use?
That is no problem. Just let us know what apps you use and what information are needed to be synchronized and we’ll get back to you.
I am a developer. Is there any manual on how to use platform?
Platform itself is designed to be operated by your instinct and it’s easy to operate on. We've prepared a basic documentation on our platform for you which you can find here.
How much, per month, would it cost to maintain the attached integration?
Cost of using the platform depends on chosen model, for example when one has chosen a Basic model the cost is 15 US$ per month. There are no hidden costs.
Will the customer be charged additional fees if API endpoints of integrated application ever change?
If that’s ever the case than:
  1. If the customer is using our platform but creates flows on their own then we will upgrade the connectors, which are a part of our platform, free of charge.
  2. If the application integration was created by us we will upgrade the microservices for a­ fee which will depend on how big changes will be.
How can I inform about occuring problems?
You can always e-mail us at - we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
What determines your prices?
Our prices are determined by a defined microservices, load per account, number of microservices runs together with the bandwidth used.
What is a microservice?
A microservice consist of three parts: - an input connector - for pulling data from a source system, - a transformation - to create data transformations and mappings using Python, - an output connector - for sending data to target system. Microservice diagram in