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We provide

  • integration between Amazon and other software for online stores, for example popular Magento, Shopify or accounting software like Xero
  • a great simplification of the whole sales process for those who use Amazon as a part of their marketing
  • your complete and prepared deals automatically available on Amazon, containing photos, descriptions and related auctions
  • immediate information about all purchases in your store
  • simple management over current inventory – you will always have accurate information
  • useful integration with chosen online accounting tool like Xero, to assist you with creating invoices and other bookkeeping elements as soon as there is a sale in the Amazon
  • assuring control of sales process from one place, even when you are using multiple sales application
  • all needed requests are updated immediately, nearly in a realtime matter


FLOW 01: when you create or update a Product in Magento, then corresponding Product will be created or updated in Amazon marketplace
FLOW 02: when you set or update Products’ inventory quantities or restock date in Magento, then changes will be integrated back to Amazon marketplace
FLOW 03: when you set an exception to your account-level shipping settings for a single Product in Magento, then account-level override shipping rates will be sent to Amazon marketplace
FLOW 04: when Product price is changed in Magento then new price will be synchronized to Amazon marketplace
FLOW 05: when you add or change Product images in Magento, then the changes will flow to Amazon marketplace
FLOW 06: any changes made to Product relationships in Magento will be synchronized to Amazon marketplace Product relationships
FLOW 07: when new Orders are created in Amazon marketplace, then corresponding Orders are created in Magento
FLOW 08: successful download of the Amazons’ marketplace Order to Magento would result in the confirmation sent to the Amazon marketplace. Also, status change of the Magento Order to cancelled will be integrated back to Amazon marketplace
FLOW 09: Magento Order status change to “complete” will be synchronized to corresponding Amazon marketplace Order
FLOW 10: when Magento Order is refunded or partially cancelled then corresponding Amazon marketplace Order will also be updated
FLOW 11: Amazon marketplace Order payment status changes will be synchronized to Magento Order
FLOW 12: when you create or update a Product in Amazon marketplace, then corresponding Item will be created or updated in Amazon marketplace. Also Products’ Price and Tax will be synchronized and proper Account will be assigned
FLOW 13: all the Customers created or updated in Amazon marketplace will be added or updated in Xero. Newly created Contacts in Xero can also be assigned to given Contact Group
FLOW 14: when new Orders are created in Amazon marketplace, then corresponding Invoices with all the lines itemised will be created in Xero. Also Invoices’ Products, Discount and Tax will be synchronized. Additionally Shipping costs will be indicated as a separate line in Xero Invoice Amazon marketplace Orders without confirmed payment (e.g. bank transfers) will be created as draft Invoices in Xero and Orders with confirmed payment will show up as Submitted Invoices in Xero
FLOW 15: If you add a new Payment to Amazon marketplace Order then it will be synchronised to Payment in Xero. Actions done to Amazon marketplace Order: Refund or Partial Cancel will be synchronised to Xero Payment as prepayments and overpayments refund

Pros of using our experience

By applying our platform & trusting our integrating skills, you earn assurance of getting the best, tailor-made solution. We can help you appreciate a full value of the technology by:

  • having control over multiple sales tools from one place
  • allowing you to take care of returns and refunds claimed from you customers in one chosen tool
  • receive always accurate information about quantity if items you sell
  • making sure only selective and needed information are synced between applications you want
  • improving flexibility & agility of your system by using platform
  • increasing productivity and efficiency of your business by saving time for reaching your goals

Support & Our Values

As a solid team of programmers, we are passionate about building useful and valuable technologies for our partners.

  • simplification of your sales process is our motivation
  • our highest priority is providing valuable service to our partners
  • we honor our clients’ trust the most, therefore, we never let them down
  • we believe that great communication with our partners is the foundation of a successful relationship
  • a wide range of our competencies provides flexibility towards innovative approaches and ideas

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